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Why we love these premium light boxes and tracing boards (and you should too!)

A great way to start you next master piece is to use inspiration from your favourite artist or other influential work you have seen. You can use this work as inspiration for a new theme, a particular colour pallet or even use the shapes and composition to develop your own original art work.

In any case a light box or tracing board is a great piece of equipment to get you started. Not only can they help you trace shapes for your own work, but they can be used to develop your drawing skills so you can one day draw like a pro.

The results of using a light box or tracing board can be staggering. If you put in the time you can achieve great results and have an enjoyable experience in the process.

With that in mind, we have reviewed some of the best premium artists tracing boards and light boxes you can purchase right now.

Voilamart A3 Tracing Board

The Voilamart A3 Tracing Board is a great product because it makes tracing and creating art simple. You have 3 brightness levels that can be adjusted with just a single tap. In addition, the product helps protect your eyes, and you can easily focus on your work instead of dealing with uncomfortable brightness levels. The unit is ultra-thin and stylish. At the same time, it’s also portable, which means you will have no problem carrying it around whenever you see fit.

Moreover, the Voilamart A3 Tracing Board is very durable, and it can easily withstand pressure. It doesn’t scratch with ease, which is a plus in this regard. Tests have shown that this product can last for around 50000 hours, so you will surely get your money’s worth from it. Also, you receive a great package which includes a carry bag, clam, and cables.

Junlon A3 Aluminum Light box

The Junlon A3 Aluminum light box is a led light table that provides you with even brightness as you do your tracing. Yes, this tracing pad offers one of the best drawing experiences out there. It’s particularly good for stencil artcraft and tracing animation. You can also opt for adjustable brightness levels if you want, there are 5 brightness levels in total.

This aluminium frame makes the unit portable, sturdy and just a pleasure to have around. Since the unit has 3.9lb (1.7kg), it’s light, and you will have no problem using it for drawing, calligraphy, quilting, tattoo design, viewing slides, scrapbooking and so on.

Huion A3 LED Touch

The Huion A3 LED Touch is one of the smaller tracing boards out there, and it even has a smart memory that remembers your desired brightness levels. It works for up to 50000 hours, and you have a very high-quality A3 size LED light pad. Basically, the Huion A3 is suitable for stenciling, photo work, as well as crafting, art, drawing, design and a variety of unique features.

We recommend you give one of these great tracing boards a try right away. They are suitable for the beginner and expert artists alike. All you have to do is to give them a try, and you will be more than impressed with the experience and enjoyment they offer. The A3 size is perfect for larger pieces, and you’re not limited in any way.

We recommend you to should definitely consider investing in one of these amazing tracing boards. Since we have selected the best premium tracing boards and light boxes on the market today, you can rest assured that you will get an amazing return on investment!

2 thoughts to “Why we love these premium light boxes and tracing boards (and you should too!)”

    1. Hi Mrs Golding, thanks for your question.

      The typical use for one of these light boxes is to help you trace and existing image or picture on to a new piece of paper. For this to work, yes, you would have to download an image from a computer, print it out, and then place on the light box so you can see through the light and trace the outline.

      You could also use a light box if you wanted to trace any photographs or designs that you have in physical as hard copy.

      These light boxes can actually be used for many different applications, such as (1) Creating custom tattoo designs, (2) Tracing embroidery patterns and (3) Creating your own stencils amongst many other things.

      As I do not know your exact application, there are other methods of tracing which maybe helpful for you to consider.

      [1] A graphics drawing tablet when plugged into a computer will allow you to draw on a surface and have the image drawing on the computer application (like paint for Photoshop for example).

      [2] Tablet Computer. Although this is not a common method, you could always try using a small cheap tablet computer to load up image from the internet, and trace onto paper.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out 🙂

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