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We test the top premium artists papers (so you don’t have too!)

Watercolor painting is a highly regarded skill in the art world, as well as being a popular activity that many people have as a hobby. While performing watercolour painting, most people face a few hurdles if they’re using poor quality watercolour paper pads, which is why we are going to explore the top 3 watercolour paper pads that are optimum for your watercolour painting activities.

We are going to look at the most popular premium papers available from the likes of Canson, Daler Rowney and Derwent Here’s a look at the details of each of the best watercolour paper pads these manufactures have to offer.

Canson A3 Watercolour pad

Canson A3 watercolour pad comes with ten sheets of 300gsm canson watercolour paper. This paper provides a cold-pressed texture, which is optimum for you to paint several types of pictures. This watercolour paper is specifically designed in beginner-friendly way allowing you to lift-off the colours if you want to correct your work. Reasonable price, optimum texture model, beginner-friendly aspect makes this one of the best watercolour pads out there.

Daler Rowney Aquafine Aquarelle watercolour pad

Daler Rowney aquafine aquarelle artists watercolour smooth pad comes with 12 A3 size sheets of hot-pressed paper. This acid free watercolour paper is smooth which contributes to the fine detailed painting. This product is manufactured with 100% virgin wood pulp, by using a fourdrinier paper machine. This watercolour pad is designed in such a way that has the ability of buffering in order to prevent deterioration of colour. This watercolour pad makes best fit for the people who’re looking to watercolour paint in an artistic level.

Derwent A3 watercolour pad

A set of 12 paper sheets is attached along with this product, which you can use for watercolour painting. This watercolour paper is designed specifically for use with pencils that are water soluble and other water soluble media. Acid-free nature of this white watercolour paper makes it superior along with the smooth texture making it versatile.

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