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A comprehensive buyer’s guide for the top professional artistic pens on the market today

The beauty of an artists expression is channelled deep within the artist and flows out via the chosen medium. Whether that be paints on a canvas, the trickle of water colours or the nib of a pen.

With the digital age hanging above us, art and expression have seen tremendous changes. With the advancement of the digital age it has brought with it advancements in pen and nib technology. There has been a rapid improvement in the tools that artists can use to express feelings onto paper.

This new breed of pen technology allows for bold expressions of thoughts and feeling to be scribbled using aggressive lines and light squiggles. These pens will not smear, run or smudge on paper. These are pens that are environment-friendly and are now an artist best friend.

Whether you design comic books, cartoons or technical drawings. Or if you dabble in scrap booking, illustration or calligraphy. In this article we have put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide for the top professional artistic pens on the market today. We will be reviewing 5 pen that are a must-have for any artist, beginner or a pro.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen

Did you know that Faber-Castell pens have been a favourite for artists for generations? They have been used for over 250 years for all types of artistic expressions, only they did not look like the Faber-castell artist pen we know today.

These pens are beautiful, and they help you create beautiful works of art. The Pitt artist pens are common among artist because they produce magnificent expression of an artists thoughts on paper. These are high-quality pens have an unsurpassed light, smoothness and the colour is simply outstanding. The pens come in a multi pack which contain a brush in black for use in graphic design, cartooning, sketching, and fine art drawings. The Faber-castell Pitt artist pens have acid-free ink, and they dry to pH neutral. They are also water-proof, smudge and smear proof that are chemical and fade resistant.

The inks are odorless, permanent and are fast drying. They come in a variety of colours to create versatile fine, medium, and broad applications of colour. The pack consists of a soft brush, precise calligraphy pen, bullet tip nips and a brush width pen. For the production of vibrant colours, the Faber-castell Pitt artist pens achieve the best results when applied horizontally on the paper.

  • An excellent collection for any real artist
  • The perfect gift for an artist friend or student of artist
  • They come in black, but a variety of colours are now available
  • It is a durable brush nib for versatile brush application of colours
  • The high pigmented pen provide rich and bold colours
  • The Faber-castell Pitt artist pens bring any artwork to life

Pigma Micron Fineliner Pens

The Pigma pens are the first pigment-based ink pens that gives you excellent accuracy and colours that are great for recording your memories forever. The Pigma micron fineliner pens are excellent precision pens for making a wonderful impression on paper. They come in a pack with sizes ranging in line width of 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, and 0.5mm respectively.

The Pigma micron pens are mostly used by artists for a long-lasting expression that will not wipe off or clear away for a very long time; they are commonly used in archive documentation or by an artists who want to permanently sign their work. The accuracy of these pens makes them an excellent pen for writing letters or notes to your loved ones that will last generations.

The Pigma pens are made with quality inks that are waterproof, chemically resistant and they are anti-fade. It does not smear or smudge nor does it bleed through paper. They also super-fast drying inks. The pen dimensions are 10.16mm x 139.7mm and come in a very attractive pouch that helps you store each pen individually away neatly. These pens can be used for writing, drawing, and paper illustration by both technical and artistic users.

  • Lightweight and there is no abrupt breaks in the ink flow
  • Permanent pen with long lasting ink
  • Pack of 6 pens with every type of nib an artist would need
  • They come in various colours to satisfy your artist side
  • The inks are pH neutral
  • Varied tips that produce superfine to bold markings
  • These pens have an automatic equalisation feature that prevents ink leaks when on board a plane
  • These pens are non-toxic and acid-free which makes them perfect kids
  • The ink flow is smooth with no smudges

Yanoza Black Fineliner Micron Pens

The Yanoza fineliner micron black pens are contain water-based ink pens that are best at producing controlled lines. The multi pack also includes oil-based pens too. These pens, as their name, suggest don’t bleed during use. The water-based feature ensures that your lines are straight and accurate. They are favourite amongst artist because they don’t spill or feather and are fade and chemical resistant. The chemical composition of the ink is acid-free which stops it from reacting with the paper. They come with needle-point precision tips made of plastic. When using this pen, don’t apply high pressure as this will cause them to run. Instead apply soft pressure, putting the tip to the paper and you can create wonderful inscriptions. They come in a multi pack ranging in sizes to give you perfect lines from superfine to bold. The Yanoza fineliner micron black pens combines convenience and excellent execution to produce fine artistic lines that are the beginning of beautiful artwork.

  • Strong and flexible
  • Can be used to produce meticulous details and create excellent graphic lines
  • Come in a multi pack of nine that range from 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and a brush.
  • They are chemically stable, bleed proof and fade resistant
  • The fineliner pen won’t bleed through paper
  • They are non-toxic and odorless
  • These pens are acid –free and the best pen for artist illustrations
  • Well packaged and has a lifetime warranty
  • Excellent gift pack for any art lover
  • Perfect for sketches

Woclhj Black Pigment Liner Pens

The Woclhj pens are the preferred pens for comics, bullet journal and technical artist. If you are looking for clean, accurate lines for illustrations and artistic designs then these are the pens for you. They can be used to produce beautiful visible lines of paper with each use. The pens come in a multi pack to meet the demands of any type of lines. The needle-like nib ranging in sizes from 0.05mm, 0,1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, and a brush which helps in producing super fine lines to bold smooth strokes.

These pens don’t bleed, run or produce feathering. They are accurate and help aid you in producing precision lines. Each pen comes with special identification markings so as you do not misplace the caps. They have a long metal nib that makes them the ideal pens for use with rulers and when drawing or producing illustrations without any smudge. One unique feature of these pens is that they can be erased without leaving any mark or highlights on the drafting paper. These markers as with all other fineliner brands of pens are made of waterproof ink base that will not smear or rub off. The tip of the pen can be left uncapped for 18 hours without it drying out… but please do try to remember to cover the pen when you are done using it 🙂

  • Super-fast dry ink
  • lifetime warranty
  • Perfect gift for an any artist, art lover or beginner
  • Suitale for kids or young art students
  • Excellent pens for sketching, art illustrations, painting and designing, animation or simple outlining an art pieces

Tombow Gray Scale Dual Brush Pens

The Tombow is the ideal pen for journaling, calligraphy, illustration, and creative lettering. This is because of the nylon tip that creates fine, consistent lines that blend beautifully to produce fine artwork. These pens are available in a multi pack. The dual brush pens come with flexible tips that produce fine, medium, and bold strokes which make them a favourite among calligraphists and craters. The water-based ink is blendable with the resilient nylon brush tips that produce even strokes with every use. The array of gray scales colours offers the perfect range of colours and shade or any master piece.

  • These pens come with both a pen nib at one end and a brush at the other
  • Pens are made of strong durable plastic
  • Ideal for colouring, fine art, illustration, doodling, and calligraphy
  • The ink is odorless and acid-free
  • These pens have a self-cleaning tip after blending
  • Unique nib technology were differing pressures produce different strokes
  • Non-toxic and non-bleeding and does not run through the paper
  • The nylon tips are excellent for use to draw borders, copy markings and tight drawings
  • The dual pen brushes are excellent for water painting

We hope you have enjoyed reading this comprehensive buyer’s guide for the top professional artistic pens on the market today. If it be comic books, cartoons or technical drawings you are creating. Or if you love writing, scrap-booking, illustration or calligraphy. We hope you agree you can express yourself with these pens. The artist pen, brings expressions to life.

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