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5 books every artist should invest in

These 5 book will help any artist grow and develop to a new level of unique creativity. Topics such as developing your own style and well as effective branding and lucrative methods of selling your art online.

It can be very tricky to become a good artist. But many times, it all comes down to having the right inspiration and knowing what you have to create. And while it doesn’t seem the best inspiration, there’s no denying books can help you with this. The 5 books listed below will allow artists to develop a new level of creativity. They are also helpful if you want to discover your own artistic style. Plus, you can use their guidelines to acquire efficient branding ideas, all while learning how to sell your art online!

Steal Like An Artist

What you will like about this book is that it has anecdotes, exercises, and snippets designed to boost your creativity. It’s one of the most interesting books for artists that want to go on a creative spur but don’t have the necessary approach or ideas to create new artistic content. It’s a nice and fun book for every artist to read. Plus, it’s visually interactive, and that on its own is exciting.

How to Sell Your Art Online

Some artists have a hard time making a living from their work. So it can be a really good idea to learn how to sell your art online. There are so many unique ideas you can focus on here, and the primary benefit is that you can start selling your art quickly to acquire some impressive benefits. The book is full of comprehensive information about strategies you can use to sell art online. The ideas listed here also come from successful artists, which is extremely handy.

Branding: In Five and a Half Steps

Even an artist needs branding, and some need that more than others. Which is exactly why you have to put a lot of thought into how you can create an art brand on your own. The ideas listed here are great, and they do make the entire process very convenient and unique in its own right. While this book is quite short, it also integrates just about all the info you need for art branding.

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be

Finding the right motivation can do wonders if you are an artist and want to evolve. That doesn’t mean you will always have success right from the start. But you have to understand that a constant focus on growth and on evolving can help pay off. You can learn how to become better at selling art, and you can even boost your confidence levels too.

The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work

This book is all about helping you better understand how the sales world works and how you can further market your art pieces to get the most money from them. The unique approach does make this quite interesting, and it certainly brings in front some good results you can rely upon.

  1. Steal Like An Artist
  2. How to Sell Your Art Online
  3. Branding: In Five and a Half Steps
  4. It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be
  5. The Artist’s Guide to Selling Work

Once you read these books, you will find it easier to obtain a good profit from your art which can help you follow your passions in life. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it can certainly bring in front some amazing results. Read these books and you will have no problem selling your art a lot faster!

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