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Why art therapy is the best medicine

Art is a form of human expression that nourishes and inspires the souls. Creativity is considered as a step towards health and well being. As a constant agent of transformation, art drives us to a healthier well being. Washing every day dust off the soul, art allows us to explore our hidden potentials and improve our life.

Most of the people that do creative activities such as music, dance, drawing, acting, photography, painting, visual art and writing do this simply to seek pleasure. But latest medical studies advocated that participation in art activities is quite useful for improving mental and physical health. Getting engaged in art and creative activities has been found useful in prevention of stress, anxiety, cancer, and even Parkinson’s disease and boosts self-confidence.

Many researchers have shown that the body achieves what mind perceives and performs. Exploring the hidden artistic potential and expressing these ideas can be a better remedy when compared to regular medicine. This has been proven true for many psychological diseases.

Many of the art activities are also found to reduce the negative energy while creating the sense of maturity, responsibility and social awareness. As an educational tool, Art nurtures and delivers improved environment, develops better working conditions, and benefits staff and professional development. Art boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment, thus results in increased public awareness of health and well-being. It also increases empathy, feelings of love and tolerance, and highlights social issues.

Many creative activities led patients of chronic diseases to forget their illness and allowed them to focus on happy life experiences. Creative pursuits contributed to a sense of achievements among patients and imparted numerous health benefits.

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