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Online Art Therapy Sessions and Groups

This article covers the following topics related to Online Art Therapy:

What is remote or online are therapy?

Art therapy has been a technique of creative expression and rooted healing that occurs from a developed sense of self awareness and relaxation in art. It’s a useful technique for building self esteem, relaxation, exploring emotions and coping with stress. In the past, art therapy is a technique that was often carried out in classrooms, with a registered therapist or with an artist in a comfortable setting. With the recent global pandemic, art therapy is often an activity that has been put on hold. Art therapy has long been an enjoyable social experience, but many people that have seen benefits from this in person experience are unable to receive the therapy that has been so beneficial to them. Online art therapy, or virtual art therapy is opening up new possibilities for people to resume their treatment or experience art therapy for the first time using digital technologies, like Skype, zoom and Microsoft teams.

Online art therapy is a process that is taken on with a professional who can guide clients through the process of completing unique art projects in small groups or as individuals. If you would like to try this therapeutic experience, you can book a private session for virtual art therapy or a group setting to try your hand at this calming and rewarding experience.

Art therapy is a great addition to traditional counselling and other forms of therapy. Virtual art therapy can be an excellent healing process for creating art on focused emotions or for working at improving your confidence and relaxation over a rewarding therapy session.

With flexible online classes or single appointments, you can make online art therapy work for your schedule, or establish a series of appointments that will help you see the benefits of this therapy for your mental health and wellness.

Minimal supplies are needed to get started. If you would like more information, please reach out and contact us today for guidance and advice on finding suitable art therapy session and see the benefits of art therapy now.

In the following section, we have put together some information on group and individual online art therapy sessions along with prices to give you an idea about what is on offer.

How can you take part in art therapy online?

You can use live, interactive online group and workshops to participate in online art therapy. Sometimes these sessions can happen daily, weekly or monthly. The sessions can be one-on-one or as part of a group.

Group sessions based towards a UK audience

If you are interested in group sessions based towards a UK audience, then this group maybe of interest.

They are focused on “Art Therapy & Mindfulness”. The group sessions on offer cost £25 per session. If you want to find out more information, check the Art Therapy & Mindfulness Online Group page here to find out more.

Individual and Group sessions based towards a Canadian and worldwide audience

If you are interested in individual or group based art therapy sessions which are primarily based towards Canadian based audience, but applicable worldwide, the follow group might be worth checking out.

The organisation called “Online Art Therapy” which is their main focus. This group offers individual sessions for around the $45-50 per hour mark, depending on your location being within or outside of Canada. The price is $50/hour within Canada or $45/hour outside of Canada.

This organisation also offers group sessions if you are interested in take part in art therapy along side other interested people.
The group sessions are $25/hour.

If you are interested in either group or individual sessions from this organisation, you can find out more information here.

History and Background for online and virtual art therapy

Various forms of psychotherapy are now applied by specialists for improving the mental and emotional conditions of their patients. Art therapy is a prominent practice that helps many people in healing their stress, trauma, and other mental problems that spoil their happiness. Virtual art therapy, or remote art therapy can be used as a mode of psychotherapy so that patients can plainly express their untold emotions. Hence, online art therapy is considered as an integrated mental health service, which renders greatly to the betterment of overall human life.

Several benefits of art therapy have made this profession very popular among young men and women. They pursue different virtual art therapy courses in group sessions or individually to gain practical knowledge of the art therapy activity so that they can later join health clinics as certified professionals. They need to acquire a Master’s degree in this subject and work as an intern in a clinic before obtaining a professional license.

Helps in coping with illness – It is now proved that art therapy helps in coping up with various serious ailments, including cardiac diseases and cancer. Patients can express their sufferings through the chosen art form, which reduces their mental pressure of accepting the present tough condition. Moreover, they can relive their past and express their hope for the future through art therapy. Patients can be provided this therapy even in their hospital rooms and online art therapy helps people in participating from anywhere.

Reduces mental stress – All types of emotional upheaval can be treated with the correct application of art therapy. It is more fruitful for bringing out the emotions hidden in the minds of children, mainly when they are traumatised for some reason. They can easily portrait the reasons for their nightmares through their favourite art forms. Both kids and adults open up their minds while responding positively to the art therapy treatment. They may also enjoy group art therapy online, designated to decrease their stress levels.

Cures digestive disorders – Anorexia is an eating disorder that causes people to fuss unnecessarily about their weight gain and they may attempt to starve too much to lose some weight. Eating problems may also arise due to severe depression or negative emotions. So art therapy helps in diminishing the extent of this eating disorder, by treating the root causes of this problem. Many patients draw pictures of the causes of their eating problems with colour pencils or crayons, which makes their treatments easier and faster.

Useful for aged people – It may be difficult for senior citizens to cope up with the lifestyle of younger ones in many families. These elderly people start suffering from various physical and mental problems with the growing age. The activities of art therapy can help them in coping up with various ageing problems. This therapy aids them in managing their emotional changes that are affecting their general health. Virtual art therapy can also treat the symptoms of complicated medical conditions, like dementia or Alzheimer’s diseases. Aged people learn to handle their stress, depression, and loneliness with the practice of art therapy techniques.

Improves one’s personality – The creative activities of art therapy can help a person to discover all his/her hidden emotions and talents. Thus, this therapy can boost the self-esteem of both children and adults, which will benefit them in their later life. They can express their worst fears and other emotions with the help of their chosen art techniques, clearing out their minds from all negative thoughts. In this way, their personality can improve in a positive light, making them more confident and happier about themselves. Children can also benefit from the boost in their cognitive abilities, which help them in their education and go on to pursue a better academic career.

Mental support to cancer patients – When a person is detected with any type of cancer, his/her life is threatened to be shorter due to this deadly disease. The treatment procedure of cancer, like chemotherapy, also causes much emotional distress for patients. Art therapy helps them to accept their present health condition and regain their normal cheerfulness that may aid in faster recovery. It encourages them to remain positive even in this difficult situation, which also provides some relief to their physical pains. They can express their pitiful experiences gained during the hard process of chemotherapy through these artworks.

Different kinds of activities can be practised as a part of art therapy. People often choose the painting, sketching, clay moulding, making collages, creating greeting cards, and finger painting as the clinical techniques of online art therapy. They can draw anything that makes them feel happy. Some people may opt for more complicated activities, like pottery, sculpture, and fabric painting for this therapy. They are also taught to make sock puppets, to paint according to a song, make use of coloured blocks, sand drawing, and drawing outdoor amidst nature. All these activities can help both adults and children to relax and enjoy their free time while getting rid of their emotional problems very soon.

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