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Ody West repaired his broken pieces with art

Mental illness is still considered a taboo even in the most developed communities around the world. You can acceptably excuse yourself from a meeting if you have a headache but not if you are depressed. Although art gets labelled by many people as only having an impact when it is viewed, in many cases the creation of art has been most helpful for those suffering from a psychological illness. In many psychiatric hospital and institutions, patients get treated through art therapy. Artists battling depression have created masterpieces because they can put all their misery and pain that the world refuses to acknowledge in their art. Then the world looks at the work of an artist and wonders how can someone create something so beautiful and mesmerising.

Ody West became an artist because of his depression and anxiety. When his therapist recommended that he should try art, he decided to do it to appease his therapist. But as soon as he made his first painting, something inside him changed. It was as if he had just discovered a whole new world. Ody West had always admired art. He is a huge fan of Banksy’s work. But it was a completely different experience to create art instead of just appreciating it from a distance. When he looked at his first painting after completing it, he realised he finally had something to be proud of. It was love at first sight (or rather at first brush stroke), and after that, there was no looking back for Ody West.

Now, art is a massive part of Ody West’s life. He paints using acrylic paints, oil paints, spray paints, or anything he can find. He has painted on canvases, wood, paper, and plastic wraps. But he doesn’t hesitate from painting on any surface available to him. Because creating art is now an essential part of his life and he can’t delay painting if he doesn’t have the right tools.

Currently Ody West is working on a 3D style of art. It is a unique kind of art and is bound to amaze and astound you. A trait Inspired by Banksy, Ody West also leaves his artwork in public places for people to find and pass on. He leaves a note for finders that asks them to share the painting with someone suffering from depression to let them know they are not alone. As someone who has suffered from depression and continue to do so, Ody West understands how hard it is for those battling this illness to come out from the depths of despair, and he hopes his art can be their guiding light.

Art has become Ody West’s strength and who knows how many he will heal with the strokes of his paintbrushes. He says that he still suffers from depression every day, but when he is busy creating art, he feels free from it for some time. Because of art, he has something to look forward to every day. Ody West’s story is a proof that art can heal and also a reminder that we should not underestimate the healing power of art. Let us start using art to heal this world in all the places it is broken.

To see more of Ody West’s work visit his Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/westody

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  1. Ody West
    You and your creations are an inspiration to all who suffer from the debilitating desease of depression. Keep strong and straight on you quest. God bless…….

  2. Wow.. Such a great article! I love the art,style and uniqueness that Ody West brings… Keep doing what you do…

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