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Nothing is ordinary in Teo Kay Kay’s world, yet he creates magic every time!

God is an artist, and you only have to look around yourself to see the proof. Like God’s art, there are many artists in this world whose work often go unnoticed. But they continue to change the world one artwork at a time. Teo KayKay is one such artist.

Originating from Europe, Teo KayKay is an artist whose real identity is unknown, but his work is very well known among his admirers. All his public appearances were made with a covered face because he wants people to focus on his art and not on his face. Teo KayKay decided to use champagne bottles instead of canvases to showcase his art, and that has become his identity. He uses fluorescent colours and paints his favourite diamond shapes on champagne bottles. People from all over the world order his bottles for special occasions. Through his art, he has made many people’s birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding parties more special for them.

The diamond shapes and fluorescent colours are the most distinctive features of Teo KayKay’s art. But he also uses spray paints and acrylic markers to create his projects. Teo KayKay is a massive supporter of street art and calls it his biggest inspiration. Teo KayKay urges people to call graffiti art and not vandalism. He says his artistic vision is inspired by street art and that’s the style he follows in his work. New York and Los Angeles’ old school art has also influenced Teo KayKay.

Sun Tzu’s Art of War is Teo KayKay’s favourite book. He loves the animated series Night Warriors. In music, just like his taste in art, he prefers old school music, especially the old school hip-hop and R&B. His favourite art medium is acrylic. On the question of favourite colour, Teo KayKay says that he loves all fluorescent colours equally.

Teo KayKay creates cool art for funny and memorable moments, and that is the impact he wants to leave on the world. He wishes to be a part of people’s special occasions and make it memorable for them through his contribution. He says his earliest memory of art is the moment of his birth. Most of Teo KayKay’s art can be found on the internet, but some of his clients don’t post the pictures of their customised bottles online, each particular art work is a unique piece, limited exclusively to only those clients. But we hope he will continue creating art and blessing us with it.

Teo KayKay’s advice for the young artists is that they should find something new, take inspiration from other artists but never copy them. He considers all the artists from old-school street scene his favourite artists.

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