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Aga’s immense passion for art helped her wade through difficult times

Agnieszka Szczygiel who is from Poland lives in a small city called Jelcz-Laskowice which is very close to Wroclaw, the most beautiful city in Poland. Her parents got divorced when she was a teenager. She describes it as one of the most traumatic periods of her life. She and her sister were then taken care of by their father.

Agnieszka’s has an Instagram page with a nickname @aga_metal, Aga is the short form of her name and metal comes from her love for metal music. Her favourite music band is Linkin Park and she loves to draw Chester Bennington, her idol. She loves all metal heads. Along side her love of metal music, Agnieszka also enjoys reading, her favourite writers are Dan Brown, Harlan Coben and Stephen King.

When it comes to artistic inspiration, her favourite artist is Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali is a surreal artist who is best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work.

All through her life she has had an affinity for art, though she never received any proper education in the field of art. She remembers attending art class at school when she was a child, but she did not have any formal education in art. It was just her sheer love for art that made her an artist today. She has always loved drawing and her teachers used to put up her drawings on the wall. She was appreciated for her art all through her childhood days.

Her love for art is what keeps her alive and happy throughout her difficult life. She feels it is a different world where she finds peace in sketching and painting some of her favourite pieces of art. In a way, it is a sort of escapism, she chooses to draw and paint when she is sad and it has surely helped her through her depressive days in life. When she begins to paint, she feels rejuvenated and happy. She feels herself again.

Life can be really tough sometimes and it has never been easy on Aga. She has had her share of hard days. She has always wanted to live a simple life with love and happiness. But over the years she realised to her utter dismay that she was not destined to live life in a simple way. She was hurt by the people whom she loved the most in her life.

Aga tried to live a normal life with her spouse and 4 year old daughter in Rotterdam City, Holland. But she was abused physically and mentally by the man she loved most in life. Those two years in her life was filled with indescribable pain and humiliation. It was only her passion for art and music that kept her going those days.

She then returned to Poland in the month of December along with her daughter to start a new life. Today she is relieved and happy that she left her old life for good. She was so depressed with life that she felt that there is no more tomorrow.

But thankfully, it was art and her second passion-music that kept her from taking any extreme steps in life. Today she is a happy and content person who loves only art and music. She loves to draw creepy things, especially skulls. Her love for painting and her use of coloured gel pens shows how passionate she is about art. Aga paints mostly at night as she works in the day and takes care of her child. As a person who is passionate about art, she believes that her love for art is the best thing that has happened to her in life.

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  1. She is great and pretty artist. I love her unique creation and I admire her hard work. There are so many details.
    It must be real passion. I hope she’ll be appreciated. I wish her good luck.

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